Photo © Keith Williams
Photo © Chloe Lam

Get a Nesting Birds Shopping Tote

Celebrate spring with this sturdy tote from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. The tote is illustrated by two talented Bartels Science Illustration Interns: Chloe Lam and Liz Clayton Fuller. Lam’s Western Bluebird family adorns one side of the bag, nesting in a tree cavity. The other side of the tote, illustrated by Fuller, features a pair of Northern Cardinals perched in a flowering shrub looking down on their clutch of speckled eggs. 

Make this tote yours with a $50 donation to NestWatch. In addition to the tote, you will receive our Common Nesting Birds and Cavity-Nesting Birds posters. This special offer is good through April 1, 2017. NestWatch is possible because of your generous support. Thank you!