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Ann Kent

Lafayette Hill, PA, United States


10 tree swallow eggs in a nest box in the Dixon Meadow Preserve.
Two tree swallows have been observed entering and exiting the nest box.


Nests in boxes

10 Tree Swallow Eggs In One Nest

Recent Comments (4)

  • Donna Barski says:

    Wow! Great photo and interesting observation.

  • Kathleen Wegman says:

    Don’t know how your weather was but on Long Island a cold wet spring leading to later clutches and a more SY moms. Yet one of our “oldies” had a clutch of 9 eggs. We too are waiting to see results. Best wishes!

  • Chuck stock says:

    Our first time Tree Swallow took up residence in available Blue Bird Box about 25

  • Chuck stock says:

    Yards from the Blue Birds that had a brood in another box. Four Eggs and now four Brood about halfway to fledgling.

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