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Ann Kent

Lafayette Hill, PA, United States


10 tree swallow eggs in a nest box in the Dixon Meadow Preserve.
Two tree swallows have been observed entering and exiting the nest box.


Nests in boxes

10 Tree Swallow Eggs In One Nest

4 responses to “10 Tree Swallow eggs in one nest”

  1. Donna Barski says:

    Wow! Great photo and interesting observation.

  2. Kathleen Wegman says:

    Don’t know how your weather was but on Long Island a cold wet spring leading to later clutches and a more SY moms. Yet one of our “oldies” had a clutch of 9 eggs. We too are waiting to see results. Best wishes!

  3. Chuck stock says:

    Our first time Tree Swallow took up residence in available Blue Bird Box about 25

  4. Chuck stock says:

    Yards from the Blue Birds that had a brood in another box. Four Eggs and now four Brood about halfway to fledgling.

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