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James Blase

Azle, Texas, United States


This year’s (2017) nesting attempt by Eastern Bluebirds. The eggs are a bright blue color; whereas last year’s eggs were an off-white color.


Nests in boxes

2017 Eastern Bluebird Nestbox

Five Eastern Bluebird Eggs 2017

2 responses to “2017 Eastern Bluebird Nestbox”

  1. i am just sick last year we had 5 eggs hatch and they all died . we decided a geiko was visiting the nest and scared the parents away. we put up a new house this year and they built in it and laid 4 eggs . 2 hatched 3 days ago.
    the babies looked really good. yesterday i saw the father go in with a worm in the morning but little activity the rest of the day. this morning i have been watching and no parents around. i checked 2 eggs remain unhatched and the 2 babies appear to hardly be breathing. parents not around. later the father came went in and left. nothing since. Any guess what is going wrong.We made sure no geiko could get in this year

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