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Quint McCabe

Orland, CA, USA


Found in Tehama, State wildlife area on the north edge of Antelope creek,




2 responses to “??”

  1. Robyn Bailey, Project Leader says:

    Hi Quint. Can you tell us more about how the nest was situated? It looks to be on the ground, is that correct? Was there anything overhanging it? And how would you describe the surrounding habitat? Those are all useful clues when separating similar nests.

  2. thegbird says:

    hey quint, is the nest/surrounding/eggs anything like this?
    The cup-shaped nest is sturdily constructed out of sticks, grass, rootlets, and similar materials. Plus, it is often decorated with bits of moss or lichen that help serve as camouflage. The eggs are approximately 0.75 inches long and are a creamy white with bold, thick blotches of lavender, brown, or gray.
    if so it is most probably a vermilion flycatcher.
    here is the link on all about birds:

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