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Sharon Sjoden

Candler, NC, USA


We woke up on Tuesday 4/27/21 and noticed the birdhouse had been tilted on the tree it was mounted on. We went out to investigate the scene and heard little chirps; looked in and saw at least 3 newly hatched bluebird babies. Watched the bird house from our patio for 6+ hours and didn’t see mom or dad bluebird anywhere in the area. We contacted a wildlife rehab center and they recommended we go ahead and retrieve the nest of babies and bring them indoors, feed them and then we drove them to their facility on 4/28. There are 5 babies total and they were all eating well. The birdhouse was mounted on the tree prior to us moving in but we are now moving it to a freestanding pole and adding a stovepipe baffle. We think one of the local feral cats got mom the night before. Dad did appear in the afternoon on 4/28 and sat on a branch in front of the birdhouse making calls toward the nest. 🙁


Nests in boxes

5 Baby Eastern Bluebirds Rescued

5 Eastern Bluebird babies. Unfortunately something happened to mama BB and these 5 had to be rescued, kept warm and fed until they made it to a wildlife rehab facility. They were probably 24-48hrs old. A day later Dad was seen the sitting on a branch next to the birdhouse, singing toward the birdhouse. :(

One response to “5 Baby Eastern Bluebirds rescued”

  1. Ava Johnson says:

    That’s so sad! It’s good that you were able to rescue them though.

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