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Kelleigh Farr

Lower Truro, NS, Canada


This is a American Crow fledgling that fledged just the other day. It has been getting close to my nest box that a pair of Tree Swallows are using. The Swallows try to fly on or in the nest box; but the presence of the Crow makes them not go in. When the Crow isn’t present, they will add some feathers and the female will incubate her eggs.

Just wondering if the Crow keeps on coming by if it will scare the Swallows off.
Also wondering if I mow the lawn if it will scare the Swallows off as well.



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A Fledgling American Crow

A Fledgling American Crow

7 responses to “A Fledgling American Crow”

  1. Caleb Koser says:


  2. Caleb Koser says:

    Did it fly away?

  3. Texas Bird Family says:

    My birds have gotten used to the lawn mower and sometimes even go to the feeder while we are mowing. I’d say it depends on if your birds are used to you and the mower. I would not mow near the nest boxes.

  4. Caleb Koser says:

    You could pull the grass with your hands near the nestbox.

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