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Martha Davis

Indianapolis, IN, United States


These photos were taken the day of hatching for the five Eastern Bluebird babies. It is magic to watch this miracle unfold! I have never had a box before and I am 72 years old; I wish I had started years ago!


Breeding birds

A New Family Of Bluebirds Hatched This Morning

These are the five babies that hatched this morning in the nest box in my yard! Earlier in the day a European Starling had come to the box, looked in and was dive bombed the the bluebird parents. I filled up the bird feeders in the yard some distance from the bluebird box in hopes of luring it away. When I checked the nest it appears that all the babies are alive.

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  1. Lyndsey says:

    So sweet isn’t it!? I was blessed with 5 babies as well this spring; I was able to witness all 5 fledge last Thursday, so exciting. It was the first time I’ve ever put a Nestbox up and I also wondered why I waited so long.

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