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Jamie Trouskie

Central Square, NY, USA


American Robins have found the nesting shelf once again and of course built it on top instead of inside. or well thats there choice. Guess it gives them more room. I am glad they came back. Hoping it will be another sucessfully year because last year they must of had 5 eggs of last years nest and my mom and I saw two babies and when my dad cleaned the nest off the top 3 non viable eggs where left. My dad didnt think any babies survived but he didnt see want my mom and I saw. Two little beaks stuck theres heads out of last years nest so I guessing it was sucessful otherwise the robins wouldnt be back. I am happy they are though and will moniter them.


Open cup nests


American Robin Nest 2020

American Robins are back for nesting season 2020 and have a pretty good nest on top of the nesting shelf like last year. Mama is still shaping the nest. still too chilly here in the northeast for eggs yet. this weather better change to warmer ASAP!!!!!

3 responses to “American Robin Nest 2020”

  1. Liam Perron says:

    i love how the robin has decided to make the nest on top of the roof of the nesting shelf instead of inside. they will do as they please

  2. HeartForNature says:

    I was thinking that too! 😂😂😂

  3. Jamie Trouskie says:

    American robin nesting attempt is a failure. Something happened today. Last time i checked she had too eggs or more but she was on the nest this morning everything seemed fine but checked this afternoon and there was only one egg. i think something chased mama robin from her nest and i am not very happy!!! I heard house sparrows earlier and those birds are pests! and so are european starlings from the people that brought them over here. So sorry for the sad news everyone.

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