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Greg Harber

Birmingham, AL, USA


A friend shared with me the link of the story of the unsuccessful nesting attempt by the American Robins in Arkansas, so I though I would share these photos and comments with you. I found a nest of American Robins at the building where I work at UAB, on Thanksgiving Day, 2019. Of the three nestlings (see first photo), only one fledged, on 12-8-19 (second photo). Sadly, this baby died on 12-12-19. However, unbeknownst to me, the female had built a second nest and began incubating eggs again on 12-13-19 (third photo). These eggs hatched on 12-27-19 and the three babies eventually fledged on 1-10-20 (fourth photo). Presently, mom and the babies are doing well (last photo, although the condition of mom’s feathers is awful!). I and a couple of friends have been supplying mealworms each day during this entire process.


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American Robins Nesting On The Campus Of Th University Of Alabama At Birmingham

Photo showing three babies in the nest, on the Friday after Thanksgiving Day.

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