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Aishwarya Sivaraman

West Chester, PA, USA


Found a beautiful red breasted bird busily building a nest on top of our backyard light fixture. After a couple of weeks I saw a small blue egg shell fallen on the ground. Googled it and found out it was an American Robin’s nest.Managed to click few pictures of the hatchlings. After a couple of days there were three big baby bird’s beak open visible out of the nest. The mom and dad birds were busy feeding worms to these fledglings. After a couple of days the fledglings were hopping on the ground. The robin had built another nest a couple of houses away and moved over there. But watching nature’s way of building a beautiful nest had me spellbound.We kept the empty nest as it is Undisturbed. Waking up to the sweet chirps of birds is the best subtle sweet music to start a day with. This is my first time witnessing a bird’s way of building a nest and hatching it’s eggs. Nature’s marvel!!!


American Robin’s Nesting

American robin’s fledglings

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