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Michael Tavalin

Santa Cruz, CA, United States


An Anna’s Hummingbird nestled upon her eggs a few days before they hatched. Photographed at Natural Bridges State Beach, Santa Cruz, CA.
This image and others, as well as video clips may be seen at the blog page on my website. There you will find a three-part post about this hummingbird and her chicks.


Open cup nests

Anna’s Hummingbird At Her Nest

Anna's Hummingbird at Her Nest

2 responses to “Anna’s Hummingbird at Her Nest”

  1. Jim says:

    What do her eggs look like? We found an abandoned hummingbird nest in San Antonio when we lived there. It was found in a mesquite tree in our yard.

  2. Hi Jim,

    They were white and about the size of small jelly beans ( maybe 5/8″ long). I posted an image of them this week. Check it out.

    Biophilia Press

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