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Ilinca Harja Iliescu

Bucharest, Romania



Baby Magpie Fell Out Of Nest!!! Please Help!

8 responses to “Baby Magpie fell out of nest!!! Please help!”

  1. Micah Grove says:

    I would put the baby outside and watch and see if the parents find and feed it. and you could try to get it in back in nest. You could also try to feed it worms or other things like that.

  2. Holly Faulkner, Project Assistant says:

    Hi linca, Are you sure that this bird is not a fledgling? It’s fully feathered, and birds can look like they are helpless when they first fledge – they don’t fly strongly and will still be cared for by their parents. Please see the link that HeartForNature shared above to determine the best course of action. Laws here in North America prohibit handling wild birds, so I encourage you to review your local wildlife laws.

  3. HeartForNature says:

    Whoever posted this hasn’t responded yet, so I’m not sure if they’ve seen anything we are posting. 😕

  4. HeartForNature says:

    Holly Faulkner, it feels weird to call you Mrs. Holly, and it feels weird to call you Mrs. Faulkner, because at my school there is a Mrs. Holly and a Mrs. Faulkner. What a coincidence! 😂 🤨

  5. Ilinca Harja Iliescu says:

    Thanks, I really appreciate the help! The baby magpie fell from a very tall birch in my garden, probably 10, 11 meters from the ground. I waited for its parents to come, but they didn’t. Instead, a cat started to circle him… It was a very windy day, the nest was pretty damaged and the parents didn’t visit it for the whole day. The baby seemed weak and tired, so I talked to a wildlife rehabilitator from our area, which told me to take care of it. He, too found two baby magpies by the same date as I did and he gave me instructions.

    Thank you for the help!

  6. HeartForNature says:

    Happy to help! 😊

  7. Ilinca Harja Iliescu says:

    I successfully released the baby back into the wild! It knows how to live on its own, and he’s flying very well.

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