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Connie Fowler

Mount Pleasant, SC, United States


These two chicks were calling for the parents to bring more food while searching the sky for sight of the parents.
The nest is near the site of some new construction and people walking by are constantly looking for a glimpse of the Bald Eagle pair and their chicks.

On a very windy day one of the parents perched on a limb under the nest while one of the chicks look down at the parent. The parent had been watching the chicks from another tree near by before perching closer to the nest. I believe she/he was concern for the chicks safety do to the high winds.

Bald Eagle Chicks

Bald Eagle Chicks

One response to “Bald Eagle Chicks”

  1. Jeyda Bolukbasi says:

    OMG! That picture is amazing. We have a bald eagle nest too, but I haven’t seen and eggs or chicks.

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