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Ralph Gabellieri

Hillsborough, NC, USA


This was the second visit by a Barred Owl to this nest box while it was inhabited by a nesting Eastern Bluerbird.


Nests in boxes


Barred Owl On Bluebird Box

Barred Owl visits Bluebird box while Bluebird incubates eggs. 6/16/2019 Hillsborough, NC

3 responses to “Barred Owl on Bluebird Box”

  1. Robyn Bailey says:

    Wow, what a capture!

  2. Randy says:

    A few weeks ago a turkey vulture landed on my occupied tree swallow nest box. Weird! The tree swallows and the nearby bluebirds attacked viciously resulting in the vulture leaving before I could boot up the camera and snap a picture.

    Next year I will monitor with trail cams.

  3. Ken Miller says:

    Amazing picture. I wish I could copy and save it.

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