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Sarah Harrington

Portland, OR, USA


We started hearing and seeing much more of two Barred Owls in March around the time the COVID-19 Pandemic hit. We’ve been clearing the woods of invasive ivy and holly trees with time at home. The owls have been watching us. They seem to enjoy having more open understory with holly trees going away and have more ground to hunt. We’ve found two owl pellets, both of which showed strong evidence of mole remains. We’ve also found some rabbit parts. In May we started hearing baby sounds. This second week of June we finally saw them and they are fledgling. We think there are at least two owlets.

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Species: Barred Owl

Barred Owl Pellet Contents

Mole seems to be the Barred Owl meal of choice as evidenced by this owl pellet.

3 responses to “Barred Owl Pellet Contents”

  1. HeartForNature says:


  2. Donna Barski says:

    Great idea adding this fun photo of the owl pellet contents! I find many pellets from our barred family when I walk in our woods here in Western NY.

  3. Anna says:

    Wow! I thought all bird poo was white.

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