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Karen Kellett

Prince George, BC, Canada


As a Nestwatch contributor I have built several nestboxes for Mountain Bluebirds, Tree Swallows and Kestrels. These are fun and great for monitoring but the wild nests always feel more special when I find them.

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Species: American Kestrel

BC Nests Of 2021

Magpie nest built in a calf shed.

3 responses to “BC Nests of 2021”

  1. Karen,I don’t think that is a loon nest.Did you see the loon on it?

  2. & long-billed curlew does not nest in a hay field.If it is near the water than,yes,but they don’t often build nests in that habitat.They are water birds.

  3. I agree on the kestrel,sparrow & magpie.

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