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Tracy Lopez

Bakersfield, CA, USA


This is near the roofline of our house in California, we are about 90 minutes north of Los Angeles. We are told it’s swallows, black Phoebe’s nest and mud wasps. We would like help to identify.


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Bird Or Wasp Nest?

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8 responses to “Bird or wasp nest?”

  1. Robyn Bailey says:

    This looks like Barn Swallows to me.

  2. Coco Quinn says:

    I’m pretty sure it’s a Barn Swallows nest.

  3. Owls 3.0 says:

    Yeah, I’m certain that’s a Barn Swallow’s nest as well. My neighbor is a farmer with a barn, and those swallows love nesting up there! Sometimes there can be a dozen nests plastered onto one side of the barn!

  4. Birdy says:

    This is a Swallow’s nest that if your lucky has been taken over by the Black Phoebe’s. I have two on either side of my front porch eve. The Swallows made the nest the prior year and the Black Phoebe’s moved in the next year. We had a terrible problem with wasps everywhere until the Black Phoebe’s moved in. I haven’t had any problems with wasps since. The Black Phoebe’s have stayed year round for five years now. We just love them.

  5. Texas Bird Family says:

    Barn swallow, Cliff Swallow, or Mud Duaber. (Insect)

  6. Ava Johnson says:

    Looks like a Barn Swallow nest to me.

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