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Regina Whitehead

Upper Lake, CA, United States


Birds found a small hole in my screen room to nest. and, have babies( 4)

Birds Nesting In My 10 X10 Screen Room

Nest in my 10 x10 screen room

2 responses to “Birds Nesting In My 10 x10 Screen Room”

  1. Elizabeth Bradley says:

    There was an old bluebird house in our back yard when we moved in. The old one was there forever and the people that lived here previously said there would be a family of babies throughout the Summer. Which has been true. But the other day while my 5 year old Grandaughter was here a huge crow snatched a baby out of the hole and flew away with the baby. ? So we got a better predator free house and put it out there today. We were going to put it in the same spot but the parents have already started building a nest in the old birdhouse. So we put the new one a couple feet away. We didn’t know what to do. Now we are waiting to see what happens. Did we do the right thing or should we go ahead and take the old bluebird house down??

    • Glory says:

      Hey honey,I’m attempting to do my very best at some advice. First off,I’m so sorry about the loss. I don’t know if this would be the right thing to do,However,I believe it’d be worth a try. Can you,wearing gloves to reduce human scent,move the new nest into the new,predator proof house? Birds are very smart,I know they’d find it. I just don’t know how they’d react. I wouldn’t want them to possibly abandon it. But obviously the concern here is the safety of them as well as their young. I think I’d try to do this. And yes,remove the old house so there’s no way to rebuild in it. For them or any other bird. That would also help them locate the nest. I’d do it before she starts laying. You know,I think you can submit a question to the site staff. Might be an idea. Also I think I saw a link that might contain some helpful information about safely transferring an occupied nest. I’m really sorry you’re experiencing this and I think it’s truly wonderful that you’re so wanting to help. Sounds like me. I hope it works out. Please let me know what y’all decide to do. Thank you and God bless! ?

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