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Danese Johnson

Pikesville, MD, United States


I have many birds in my back yard which are separated by the forest and the forest is close to the beltway. So it’s pretty noisy with the constant trucks and cars and with the birds and squirrels which I don’t mind because of my love of nature. (which I don’t mind). I see deer also. I’m looking and researching what food they prefer to eat (I heard apples) and I will purchase it and replenish it when they are almost out. It’s bad enough that they barely have a habitat. I love all animals but my heart goes out to the wild. I printed out a prayer for all animals and taped it to my patio window in hopes that God would grant my request and this morning I woke up to a nest in my Begonias. Wow. By the way, I love your site, Its so well put together. I’m going to add it to my favorite list. I don’t know what species is nesting. It may be a Cardinal, sparrow, starling, gray bird, woodpecker. I see all types of bird species where I live which is a domestic pet friendly area. They don’t care for the wild. I like all animals alike

Birds Nesting In The Bagonia Plant Sitting On A Plant Sitter With A Bird Chime Attached To It Homemade.

A grey bird came by one day and landed on my begonia plant that is sitting on my balcony. The next day a squirrel came up to me. See my patio is facing the forest where there is a gate between us. I often sneak and pour a 10 pound bag of wild bird seed over the gate for the birds, and I feed the squirrels 4 bags of shelled unsalted peanuts and a bag of almonds. Today to my surprise I say little branches in my begonia and realized that it was a nest being created. I don't know if I should continue to water it or leave it alone. What ever that is safe for the birds. Any suggestions

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