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Andrew Staufer

Kalamazoo, MI, USA


Nests in boxes


Bluebird Eggs

Full clutch for Bluebird's first brood of the season!

2 responses to “Bluebird Eggs”

  1. Spencer Bachus says:

    For years I’ve had success with several hatching of bluebirds in bluebird nest. This year bluebirds built nest and laid eggs as before. However, the eggs didn’t hatch although I figured they had and fledged. Then they laid another set of eggs although I wasn’t aware the first set was under a second nest. I kept looking for eggs to hatch. Today I went to the box and it was filled almost to the top with a new egg in a new nest. I final realized something was amiss. I careful removed the new nest (one egg inside) and discovered two old nest with eggs still inside. I removed old nests and placed new nest back in. No evidence of parasites. Any explanation? Sterile male or female. Should I throw out new nest and egg. Sad situation

    • Holly Faulkner, Project Assistant says:

      Hi Spencer, It’s possible this pair may be laying infertile eggs, or that there is an environmental factor at play. Please feel free to review our troubleshooting guide for nest monitors. In any case, we recommend waiting 4 weeks until determining that a nest has failed to account for the regular incubation period as well as a possible delay in incubation. Leave the nest and eggs in the box until this time period is up. If eggs are still present at that time, then you can safely discard the nest. Unfortunately, removing or disturbing an active birds nest is against federal law.

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