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Barbara Luce

Clinton, ME, USA


First pair of nesting bluebirds I’ve ever had


Breeding birds

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Category: Breeding birds

Bluebird Nest Progression

6 eggs laid

3 responses to “Bluebird nest progression”

  1. Rachel Park says:

    Wow! That’s great!! That must be a great experience for you! I love watching baby birds develop from when they hatch to when they fledge!

  2. Shannon Hicks says:

    These eggs look exactly like some eggs I found in Sebring, Florida. I’m trying to incubate them in a crude homemade incubator. Your pics have helped me identify my eggs. Thank you

    • Holly Grant, NestWatch Staff says:

      Hi Shannon, It’s imperative that you contact a certified wildlife rehabilitator – The Migratory Bird Treaty Act prohibits the hunting, killing, capturing, possession, sale, transportation and exportation of migratory birds, and their feathers, eggs and nests. This would fall under “possession” – a wildlife rehabilitator will have the permits and necessary training to care for wild birds.

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