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Caleb koser

Christiansburg, VA, USA



Bluebird & Nuthatch At Suet.

Bluebird & nuthach

4 responses to “Bluebird & nuthatch at suet.”

  1. Ella McGlaughlin says:

    What type of suet do you use? I have multiple suet cakes out all winter but can’t seem to draw in the bluebirds! I see them around the yard but never at my feeders

  2. Caleb Koser says:

    I make my own:2 and a half cups p butter, 2 cups of quick oats,1 cup cornmeal, half cup raisins & peanuts. I freeze the suet in a plastic egg carton, and put in a log feeder. The egg carton does well if you put your suet in a log feeder. Also,this was about 3 years ago(this picture),and I don’t know what draws in the bluebirds. I know they like mealworms, maybe if you try to put mealworms in the suet they would come.

  3. Ella McGlaughlin says:


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