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Donna Lee Houle

Gaffney, SC, United States


In 2011, this nest of Eastern Bluebirds was found in my Crepe Myrtle tree. After seeing the recent article in the NABS “Bluebird Journal” of Fall 2017 (vol. 39, no.4) reprinted from the NestWatch blog, I decided to share my photos from 2011. I didn’t see the nest being built, but it was finished when I saw it, and the bluebirds were the only ones I saw at the nest. It looks, to me, as if the nest material is, indeed, a bluebird-selected material.


Breeding birds

Bluebirds Nesting In The Crepe Myrtle

Close-up of cup nest. 6-13-11

2 responses to “Bluebirds nesting in the Crepe Myrtle”

  1. James says:

    A flash of bright blue caught my eye as I walked past my backdoor, and I looked outside to see the scene captured in part in this video. Several eastern bluebirds were congregated near the rear of my yard.

  2. sonara Bipin says:

    The name of this bird is Sue which lays green eggs

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