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Paul Rentz

Corvallis, OR, United States


At the William L Finley National Refuge I observed this Bushtit nest very close to the trail. After capturing some stills of the two adults working on the nest I decided to shoot some video as well. Bushtits make a very interesting ‘sock-like’ nest of lichen, moss, grasses and spider webs. Because the nest is pliable, it’s almost comical to watch the adults as they move around in the nest!


Unusual nests


Bushtit nest building and ‘cleaning’

3 responses to “Bushtit nest building and ‘cleaning’”

  1. Barbara Filet says:

    A few days ago I found a palm-sized, sock-like nest on the ground in Santa Monica, California, below my coast live oak tree. The nest is made with lots of oak flowers. Looks very clean inside. Probably they raised their chicks and flew off. They were in my yard a few weeks ago, nectaring on my bottle brush bush. I wish I could submit a photo.

  2. Janet says:

    We had a pair bushtits nest last year (2021) in our weeping cherry tree. It was fascinating watching the adults going in and out of their well hidden nest. Luckily we were in the garden when the babies emerged. They just about landed on our nephew’s head but managed to gain altitude and land on a branch of our apple tree. The nest is quite unique. Our granddaughters (4 and 6) always wanted to check on it. We live in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada.

    • Sunny says:

      Just found a nest in our Richmond BC backyard. I’d been watching the adults moving about in a tree. The nest is just above head height and I’d been going to cut the branches back. Now I’ll be watching for the Littles.

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