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Joe Johnson

Hockessin, DE, United States


I set this nest box up 4 days ago. The Carolina Chickadees inspected the box the same day and began to build this nest which takes up about half of the box volume. All of this work done in 4 days by two little birds. Hoping for great nesting success this year same as last year. Maybe these birds came from this nest box last year.


Nests in boxes

Carolina Chickadee Nest Building

Carolina Chickadee nest 4 days after the nest box was placed in position.

2 responses to “Carolina Chickadee Nest Building”

  1. Diane says:

    I have 8 bluebird boxes around my yard. I say bluebird boxes because I used plans for bluebird boxes. I can easily tell if the residents are bluebirds, but if they are not bluebirds, I cannot tell who they are. I am leaving a comment here because I think that they might be Carolina Chickadees and from what I can see of the nest in your box, it might be the same as who is in my box. Every year, the bluebirds like the boxes that are in full sun. As the trees in my yard get bigger and the limbs grow nearer the boxes, The bluebirds choose boxes in full sun and these birds move into the boxes that are partly shaded. The nests in my boxes that are not bluebirds have a tight square about 4″ – 5′ high of green moss. They make a cup of soft stuff including feathers. I don’t see the birds since they fly away when I come outside and I cannot see the box from inside my house. I live west of Atlanta, Georgia. I mention where I live because I know that birds make nests out of different materials depending on where they live. If my nest sounds like a Carolina Chickadee, please let me know. Also, if you have any tips on identifying nests, I would appreciate it! I bought a book containing information on birds’ nests from Peterson Fieldguides and it is no help at all. Even nests that I know who lives in them do not look anything like the pictures and descriptions in this book! I would love to know who is nesting is my nest boxes. Any help and information that you might have, I would really appreciate it!! Thank you. BTY I hope that this comment section is for asking questions.

  2. Robyn Bailey says:

    Hi Diane,
    This community can probably help you identify your nest. Can you post a photo in the NestWatch gallery of your nest, so we can see? Best, Robyn

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