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Pamela Howard

Wilmington, NC, USA


The birds are building a nest in my garage behind the garden rake in the upper corner of the garage. They don’t seem to mind me coming and going at all. We do not park cars in the garage we basically use it as a shed. I have videos but I do not use Facebook so too bad I can’t send them to you.


Carolina Wren

2 responses to “Carolina wren”

  1. Pamela Howard says:

    I obviously don’t know what I am doing here. I am commenting on my own picture. I wanted to add that I have taken these videos with a IPad. I do not own a camera let alone a fancy one. The wren hops too fast to get a clear shot so I have to take videos of it in motion. But can not submit my videos because I don’t have Facebook or Vimeo or whatever that is. However I have many birds visiting my feeders. Cardinals, Downey wood peckers , chickadees, starlings. Actually saw a cowbird thank god he didn’t hang around. I think you should make your site easier to send videos from people like me who are limited in photography options.

  2. Robyn says:

    Hi Pamela,

    Thanks for trying! I have this same situation in my garage where a Carolina Wren is building a nest in an old flower pot.

    For storage reasons, you can’t upload videos directly like you could if it were a photo. Videos take a lot of room to store, so at this time, we are accepting video links hosted by third party sites such as Vimeo or YouTube. I apologize for the incovnenience, but your photos can be uploaded directly (as you have done here). Happy NestWatching!
    -Robyn @ NestWatch

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