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Maryanne Gross

River Edge, NJ, United States


Carolina wren eggs in nest built in my mailbox. This is their 3rd year nesting there. Sadly, this was a failed attempt, the eggs didn’t hatch and a new nest was built over the old.


Carolina Wren Eggs

Carolina wren eggs in my mailbox nest.

3 responses to “Carolina wren eggs”

  1. Thomas Preston says:

    Purchased a hanging basket from a nursery. Two days later, I found a Carolina Wren nest with 4 eggs in it. What should I do with the eggs?

  2. Holly Faulkner says:

    Hi Thomas,
    Since birds lay at most one egg per day, your nest sounds like it was built at the nursery, so the adult wren is probably not anywhere nearby to care for the nest. Even if you could bring the basket back to the nursery, the adult may not come back to the nest if she hasn’t been able to find it for a few days. Our best advice is to dispose of the nest and eggs in a location far away from any birdhouses or feeders that you may have, to keep it from attracting predators. And, be sure to check your hanging plants for nests in the future.
    -Holly Faulkner, Project Assistant,

  3. Beverly Magyar says:

    My daughter who lives in liberty town found a nest in her mailbox

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