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Caleb Koser

Christiansburg, VA, USA


Then, the chipmunk dragged it off but we chased the chipmunk and he dropped the bird. We put him(flycatcher) in a cage and survived until he died on the morning of May 12th.



Chipmunk Vs Flycatcher, Bluebird Fledging, And Scarlet Tanager.

Chipmunk faced this flycatcher and attacked it!! See more in the description.

2 responses to “Chipmunk vs flycatcher, bluebird fledging, and scarlet tanager.”

  1. Caleb Koser says:

    2nd photo caption: …See submission “Snake on bluebird house”.

    • Texas Bird Family says:

      Please keep in mind that it’s illegal to keep a wild bird. Take the bird to a wildlife rehabilator.

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