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Frank Steffen

Casa Grande, AZ, United States


An elapsed time frame of development of baby dove with mother on our back patio wall.


Unusual nests

Collage Of Momma & Baby Bird Pictures

Momma Dove builds a nest

One response to “Collage of Momma & Baby Bird Pictures”

  1. Frank says:

    Just a final note: the baby dove has grown up; left the nest a few days ago & stayed near by under a bush with momma bird near by.
    A few days later it flew up on our back yard fence/wall, then 2 days ago it was gone. Was interesting watch this bird develop from egg to full grown, but my comment would be: try to discourage doves from nesting in flower planters just outside your patio door. It can be inconvenient to have to walk around your normal path route every time you go out into your back yard. Since we had 2 doves trying to make a nest on our front porch light. Fortunately the light had a slanted cover & it wasn’t successful. That wouldn’t of worked well there for us or them anyway.

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