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Dhruv Arora

Carmel, IN, USA


This is a picture of arguably one of my favorite (individual) birds. I followed and documented his (Baby’s) family from the time he was an egg, to the time he was flapping his newly feathered wings, wanting so badly to rise off the ground like his sibling, Pipsqueak, who took a short flight.
It’s a tough world out there for Killdeer chicks. A late April snowstorm swept through when he was only a few days old, killing Stinky, another of his siblings. I found dead Piper when I was doing a baby check, accidentally killed by a careless human.
As far as I know, Baby survived, becoming one of the wary adult killdeer that now scurry and scuttle through the mud.
I hope that he also survives migration, and has some sort of natal fidelity so I can also follow his family!
This is the story of how Baby the killdeer helped open my eyes to the struggles, persistence, determination and love of a bird family… because who can’t love a baby killdeer?


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