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Kim Ocasio

Haverhill, MA, United States


This year has been a whirlwind of activity for our family of Coopers Hawks. At first we thought we had 2 fledglings and their parents, but have since realized that there are 5 total. We are surrounded by woods, and these amusing birds have been seen darting in and out of the grass and bushes, sitting in a puddle, hanging out on low branches, sitting and walking and even resting on our back deck railings and swing set and are seen working on their flying techniques. Parents have been keeping an ever watchful eye on the youngsters and have been teaching them how to hunt as well. They must be very comfortable here as we have been able to walk slowly past them while they are sitting in the puddle aka their “hot tub”!



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Species: Cooper's Hawk

Coopers Hawks Love Our Yard!

Cooper Hawks, fledglings and parents have made our backyard their home.

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