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Glory McCoy

Pageland, SC, United States


I’m going to miss these beautiful lil buggers,but I’m so blessed to have had them start their lives here with me. I’m certain I’ll hear them singing sweet nothings in my yard.

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Delilahs Young Have Fledged!

Delilahs young have fledged! All five birds left the nest yesterday.

2 responses to “Delilahs young have Fledged!”

  1. Allene Burns says:

    wrens are a joy! We have a busy couple of house wrens nesting near our deck, so I have watched the happenings and imagine what is going on inside. They are feeding like crazy, so soon we will see the young outgrowing the box and we will know how many there are.

    • Glory says:

      Yes they truly are! Ohh what a blessing! In my experience with wrens,there are usually always 5. I know it’ll be so awesome when you can finally see those beautiful young. God bless!

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