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Marianna DeBolt

Wyoming, IL, United States


During the winter of 2014, a dove couple visited with us be sitting on our deck many days. They seemed to watch us. This past month, mrs. dove nested in one of our window boxes. We watched from our window how attentive she was all the way through them flying the nest and now hanging out on our deck. The babies stay on the deck all day. Mom and Dad come back to check on them. They get fed, sit, groom each other and do other bird teachings. daddy dove will call and it’s almost as of he is teaching the young to follow. He will fly over to a chair or other ledge, etc…call and they follow when they feel they can make it. It’s so adorable to watch. Very loving parents!

As I write this, I am sitting on the deck across from them. They groom and sleep. The first night I did this, Mom and Dad sat on the wire above us watching.


Nests in boxes


Dove Family

Before the eggs, she was working on the nest.

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