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Cynthia Lyons

Wirt, NY, USA


Taken in 2015. I was going to get my mail, across the road, and heard agitated peeping. I watched long enough to see that the parent came. Someone was just very impatient.

Downy Woodpecker Chick

4 responses to “Downy woodpecker chick”

  1. Owls 3.0 says:

    I love baby woodpeckers!

  2. Gil Morrison says:

    We have a downy woodpecker chick in a nearby tree hollow. It has been rapid chirping during daylight hours – non-stop – for a week! It doesn’t even stop to take a breath when it is getting fed! Ready to get ear protectors. Have never heard anything like it!

  3. Amber Huntley says:

    We have a chick chirping NON STOP, we are going nuts, make it stop! How long before it flies???

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