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paul anderson

Tampa, FL 33625, United States


here’s the photos i was trying to send you. hope you enjoy.
this is the upcycled blue bird nesting box i made from dumpster diving for old wood at a local restaurant rehab job. this is eastern cedar which lightly stained. i used a discarded 4 x 4 as a post to hold the box.and old large A.C. duct (from the dumpster) for a critter baffle to keep cats, racoons etc out of the nest box.
its simple bit it works.i was thinking of you guys when i went out to check on my new babies, 3 eastern blue birds ( one egg did not hatch) . the unhatched egg was found on the ground in front of the nest box
the “bird experts” say natural wood is the best for attracting birds to nest.i only used water based sain. i will keep it natural next nest build no paint or stain. these 3 fledged last friday

3rd year i’ve had activity in this nest box since it was built 3 springs ago.

we live in tampa florida.


Nests in boxes

Eastern Blue Bird Upcycled Nest Box Project With Critter Baffle

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