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Douglas Wipf

Rutland, MA, USA


Nest building started Sunday, 4/10/22.


Nests in boxes

Eastern Bluebird Nest Building Underway

Eastern Bluebird nesting underway. She is poised to take the nesting materials to the adjacent nest box.

2 responses to “Eastern Bluebird Nest Building Underway”

  1. Peggy Heffernan says:

    I placed a decorative bird house in a small tree outside my guest room window. Eastern Bluebirds nested in it and I have taken photos and videos of their behavior for the past 6 weeks or so. I especially enjoy the early ones of the male feeding the female. Now they are both feeding the babies inside the nest. The babies must be getting big because the adult birds’ tails stick out of the nest when they are feeding them. Would you like to see short videos of this behavior?

    • Doug Wipf says:

      Yes, Peggy!
      I am sorry for not responding earlier, I just saw your comment today (5/7/22). Thank you!

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