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Carl Austin, Jr.

Grovetown, GA, United States


03-Mar-14, Eastern Bluebirds, Fifth egg was laid today.


Nests in boxes

Eastern Bluebird Nestbox

03-Mar-14, Eastern Bluebirds, 5th egg was laid today.

2 responses to “Eastern Bluebird Nestbox”

  1. Robyn Bailey says:

    Hi Carl, I’m writing to tell you that a journalist selected your photo from among the many participant photos featured here, to accompany a story on NestWatch. Check out the story, and your photo, here:

    Thanks so much for sharing your photos and helping us to promote NestWatch!

    Robyn Bailey

    • Carl Austin, Jr. says:

      I just saw your comment about the photo I submitted. Thank you for the feedback. I did follow the link and see the article where it was used. It’s just nice to know that someone is actually looking at the photos, and it’s an added bonus when they get utilized for something positive.
      Thanks again,

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