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Michelle Cogswell

Washington, ME, United States


We found that the Eastern Phoebes came back to reuse last year’s nest even though the shed/garage it is situated on was moved some several hundred feet across our property! 6 eggs were laid, can clearly see only 4 hatchlings so far.


Eastern Phoebe Nest

Taken 5-30-16. 6 eggs in the Eastern Phoebe nest!

2 responses to “Eastern Phoebe nest”

  1. Donna Barski says:

    Good use of the mirror with your Phoebe nest. Wow! 6 eggs!

    A Phoebe has a nest on top of a light fixture in our shed and it is difficult to see the eggs. I’ll use a mirror to get a better look.

    Thanks for sharing your photo and giving me this helpful idea.

  2. Donna Barski says:

    I used a mirror yesterday to check the Phoebe nest eggs. 4 lovely little eggs – no cowbird eggs. Good to know! Thanks again for the mirror use idea.

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