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Linda Largent

Bella Vista, AR, USA


This enormous snowball bush in our front yard has welcomed a variety of fledglings . . . cardinals, bluebirds, carolina wrens, and today, house finches.


Open cup nests


Finch Fledglings In The Snowball Bush

2 responses to “Finch fledglings in the snowball bush”

  1. Hallie Rugheimer says:

    Looking through hundreds of nesting bird photos, I don’t spot any with the description of the nestlings which I photographed this July 2021 in and open nest in the lower branches of a spruce tree. The nestling were bright orange with white fuzzy down. Parents were present so I know these nestlings were Eastern King Birds found in our prairies in Montana. Unusual find and would like to submit two photos. How do I do that?

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