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Doug Wipf

Rutland, MA, USA


This pair of Eastern Bluebirds have been busy building their nest. Today I checked and found the first egg.

I (like to) believe this is the same pair that raised 3 chicks in this next box last year. Two adult bluebirds have been on the property and feeders throughout the fall and winter. Sometimes, a few others joined them – including some immatures.


Nests in boxes

First Egg Of 2023!

First egg of 2023!

2 responses to “First Egg of 2023!”

  1. Caleb Koser says:

    Our net look just like ours! We are still waiting for the first egg. They are still building the nest, & they don’t need to build the nest more. Make sure you submit your data into NestWatch!

  2. Doug Wipf says:

    Thanks, Caleb – yes, I have been using NestWatch for a few years now. Great service to the birding community!

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