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Kevin Hood

Nanaimo, BC, Canada


A Pacific-slope Flycatcher nest was discovered sitting on the light fixture in our front porch. The brooding female seemed oblivious to people and dog traffic through the front door, dog barking, doorbells ringing and sewer replacement noise behind our back yard. Three eggs were laid, three hatched and three grew almost to fledging with the continual feeding from both male and female birds. Unfortunately, the nestlings left the nest before being close to fledging, we think because of a large mite infestation that developed in the final few days of the nesting attempt.

Front Porch Pacific-slope Flycatcher Nest

The nesting site on top of our front porch light right near the front door which is just to the right of a narrow window of which a couple of inches are visible. Each trip in or out of the front door brought us with a meter of the nest. We did not change our coming and going until the eggs hatched and adult birds were coming to the nest every minute or two to feed nestlings. At that point we entered through the garage.

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