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Linda Eskew

Texas 19, Edgewood, TX, United States


Photo taken 5/19/17. Nest is in a Screech Owl Box (GCFs nested there in 2010 as well) the opening of which is barely visible in the bottom wall, but not sure they’re actually going to use this nest. Haven’t seen a bird at the box since 5/14 and don’t hear one more than about once a day. The cup is in a rather peculiar place under the back “brace” attached as a perch for Mama Owl or her nestling. Should the birds return and start a family, will take and post another photo.

Re: our location. We live in the country near Tx Hwy 19. I am not a member of Nest Watch….at least not yet!

Linda Eskew

Great Crested Flycatcher Nest

Great Crested Flycatcher nest

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