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Coco Quincy

Killeen, TX, USA


My hummers fight so much! With two feeders with atleast 12 ports to drink from each, these two bossy Female Ruby-Throated are very greedy! You can’t see her but this is the shot right before one comes in on Moe to fight. Even though it can be annoying at least at the end of the day all my baby hummers get food for everyone 🙂




Greedy Hummers!


One response to “Greedy Hummers!”

  1. HeartForNature says:

    If you set up 3+ hummingbird feeders in the same location they will not fight. They chase each other off because they are afraid that if they any other hummers drink from “their” feeder they will run out and starve. Putting out multiple feeders in the exact same place is the key to getting the most hummingbirds.

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