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Stephen Heater

Georgetown, TX, United States


I found this nest under a large oak tree. The mother was a large brown bird which I hope someone can identify by the eggs.


Unusual nests

Ground Nest

2 responses to “Ground nest”

  1. Cameron Allen says:

    It’s a little hard to tell by the picture, but I believe that you have found a Chuck-Will’s Widow (so named for the sound of their call) nest. They live in your area during the summer in pine and deciduous woods. They don’t build nests, but instead lay two, white, molted with gray and brown eggs directly on leaves or the ground. These birds can be brown or gray. I hope this helps. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears open and happy birding.

    • Robyn Bailey says:

      I agree with Cameron, Chuck-will’s-widow is a good match for these ground eggs. Mind you, I have never seen their eggs in person, but this photo is a good match to my reference books and web searches. Great find! Do you have any follow up photos or observations?

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