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Caleb Koser

Christiansburg, VA, USA



Gulls,Pileated Woodpecker Hole,maybe Puffins Or Cormorants.

Herring gull.

26 responses to “Gulls,Pileated Woodpecker hole,maybe puffins or cormorants.”

  1. Texas Bird Family says:

    Maine is the only state where there are puffins, so unless you are out at sea in Maine, you probably won’t see puffins, these are probably Cormorants.

  2. Ava says:

    They’re probably migrating Double-Crested Cormorants.

  3. Click on the picture, you might see it better. It looks like it has a little bit of white on it’s belly.

  4. Ava says:

    It’s not a Puffin, Puffins don’t live in Virginia.

    • It was in Maine,that’s where Atlantic Puffins mostly live.Sorry,I put the wrong place on the submission,I normally use that location because live there.It was at:Mount desert island,Acadia national park,Maine.I just maybe thought those were Atlantic puffins.Plus they are really cool birds,&I have always wanted to see them.

      • Ava says:

        Well, they do live in that area, but they don’t live on Mount Desert Island. They were most likely Cormorants.
        Puffins are really neat birds. If I ever get the chance to see them then I’m going to do it.

  5. No,they live on all the coast of Maine.

    • Ava says:

      Well, according to Acadia National Park Wildlife, you have to take a boat to an island to see them. It says, “Puffins are seen off the coast of Maine. You must take a boat to one of these islands. Puffins aren’t seen on or from Mount Desert Island.” It looks as though you were on a boat though, so I guess it’s possible that they’re Puffins. It’s just hard to tell so I’m not sure.

      • We weren’t on a boat,It was like a rock(It’s all made of rock,& On the Atlantic ocean Thing built across the water to a lighthouse,& it took them 94 YEARS to build it.So,Yes it was possible that they were puffins.

  6. I looked at the range.

  7. I think i might have deleted that photo.

  8. Texas Bird Family says:

    These are cormorants, the shape is a cormorant, puffins are not that shape, and the beaks aren’t big enough to be a puffin.

  9. Micah G says:

    I agree, probably DCCO

  10. Micah Grove says:

    Example: MODO -MO Mourning -DO Dove

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