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Maureen Ferris

Howell, NJ, USA


Monmouth County, NJ. Found the makings of a nest starting in one of my portculaca hanging baskets, then 7 days later 3 white speckled eggs. Believe it is for a House Finch. Though not sure. Waiting patiently for arrival of babies.

Hanging Basket Nest

3 responses to “Hanging Basket Nest”

  1. Robyn Bailey, NestWatch Project Leader says:

    Hi Maureen, I agree that these are House Finch eggs. Nice find!

  2. Maureen Ferris says:

    7/21/19 still waiting for eggs to hatch; glad it didn’t happen today or yesterday; brutal temps here in Monmouth County, NJ. Their Mama and Papa still nestling. Was able to take another picture of eggs today, from a ladder…

  3. Micah Grove says:


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