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Joseph Li Marzi

Dingmans Ferry, PA, USA


Found this nest hanging is a tree. Located in the woods, about 50’ into the woods from the driveway. Height about 25’ off the ground. It’s about 4” outer diameter. I can’t seem to identify it on the nest watch page. Any ideas?


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Hanging Nest

3 responses to “Hanging Nest”

  1. Traci McDonough says:

    It looks very much like the nest of a Baltimore Oriel we found hanging up high in our cottonwood tree a couple of years ago. I THINK they are the only birds around the states that make hanging nests… I think this, but am not certain.

  2. Holly Grant, Project Assistant says:

    Hi Joseph, nests without eggs or associated adult birds are notoriously difficult to identify. That said, hanging nests like this are often built by vireos or orioles – given its size and shape, we are leaning towards a vireo species.

  3. Texas Bird Family says:

    Looks like a Vireo nest, but not certain.

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