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Glory McCoy

South Carolina, United States


These birds are extremely hard to take pictures of. They’re not too trusting although they nest near humans. I’m grateful I get to experience them at all. Finally heard babies yesterday and wasn’t even sure there were eggs! I’m excited as I’ve never had this species nest in one of my houses.


Hard To Capture Chickadees!

A Carolina Chickadee in her birdhouse. Sleeping tight.

2 responses to “Hard to capture Chickadees!”

  1. Natasha says:

    Cool photos but you should not disturb bird nests at night.

  2. Hi Glory, congratulations on the nesting chickadees. The NestWatch Code of Conduct recommends visiting nests during daylight hours. Please avoid checking or photographing nests at night or in the early morning. It could cause the female to leave the nest and roost elsewhere for the night, thereby leaving the young exposed. Thanks! ~Chelsea, NestWatch Assistant

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