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Anna Ashur

Ann Arbor, MI, USA


House Finch Hatching

Hatching has begun!

4 responses to “House Finch Hatching”

  1. Robyn Bailey says:

    I spy a Cowbird egg in there! Bad idea for the Cowbird because they do not do well in [vegetarian] House Finch nests.

  2. Anna Ashur says:

    You are right! Uh oh. I hope it does not cause the other hatchlings to suffer due to size. I guess there’s nothing I can do as it is illegal to remove it. Any recommendations?

  3. Robyn Bailey says:

    Hi Anna, I don’t recommend doing anything. Because House Finches eat mostly seeds, the cowbird chick will most likely not thrive on that diet. I think the House Finch chicks will be fine, and would recommend letting nature take its course. Best of luck!

  4. Anna Ashur says:

    Thank you for your reassurance, Robin! I really hope all goes well.

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