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Anne Briggs

Fredericksburg, VA, United States


Active nest right outside our front door! My children have fun keeping tabs on this little family of birds. We are just learning how to monitor nests. So far, we have not disturbed these birds in any way other than taking photos of them from inside the house with a telephoto lens.


House Finch(?) Nest

Bird nest on front porch! This is the second year this nest has appeared! My children and I are observing it from inside the house. This was taken April 2017. There are approximately 6 babies in the nest and there are two attentive adults, a red-headed one and a more brown one that feed the babies. Brief research suggests this is a house finch but if anyone can confirm, I would appreciate it! The nest looks like it is made of poop!

2 responses to “House Finch(?) Nest”

  1. Robyn Bailey says:

    Hi Anne,
    These are indeed House Finches. The male has the red plumage, and the female is the brown one. And this is almost certainly a second nest, as they would not spend two months on one nesting cycle. A typical nesting cycle would last, at most, 33 days so this is likely number 2. They are great little birds.

  2. Paula says:

    My first time monitoring a House Finch nest I though we had birds with some serious gastro-intestinal problems. But it turned out that this is typical of the species. The nestlings deposit their droppings on the edge, and there they stay, forming a kind of rampart. I have always wondered if nature designed this for a reason, for example: to deter predators or some such functional purpose to the finches’ advantage…

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